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 Training and Recovery for Office Workers

Dealing with back, knee, and other muscle-related pain and discomfort caused by sitting at a desk, car, or plane all day?

Prevent, treat and resolve pain and Optimize Movement with my

3-Week Wellness Success Program

That helps committed ‘Time-Poor’ office professionals. Who desire to live a Pain-Free life and achieve Real, Long-lasting Results with my Safe and Effective Training and Recovery programs. 

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Why is this Program the best pick for you?

Time-Efficient Training

Busy schedules can't hold you back anymore from achieving your wellness goals!

MindlyBody will help you:

  • Train Anywhere Safely and Effectively
  • Workout in a limited space and time
  • Recover effectively on the GO
  • 30 Days Home/Hotel Workouts
  • 21 Days Quick and effective recovery & prevention methods 
  • 8 Weeks Gym Workout
  • Feel lively and energetic and productive
  • Strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance

Get Rid of Muscle Pain

Everyone experiences pain differently. This program will offer you per week assessments so that you can test what your body is lacking of and make a personalized plan specific to your pain and dig into the root of your pain.

MindlyBody will help you with:

  • Lower back, hip, shoulder and knee pain
  • A healthy, balanced diet to aid recovery and weight loss, even if you are injured
  • Assessing your posture and movement
  • Gain back functionality
  • Get back to training with more intensity
  • Lifetime access & FREE newly added content each month

Movement, Mobility & Posture 

At MindlyBody, we start by locating the source of the problem including any side-to-side. We help you concentrate on the activities that promote healing and recovery. Then up the intensity with safe and effective home and gym workout. You will learn more about your body and develop wholesome habits that will lead you in the direction of pain-free movement, exercise, and daily living.

Mindly Body will help you Improve:

  • Functionality
  • Movement Efficiency
  • Physique
  • Coordination and Mobility
  • Calorie Burn
  • Posture
  • Muscle Pain

Discover a proven path towards a Pain-Free Life in just 21-Days

If you are Experiencing:

  • Pain while sitting, moving or training.
  • Physical injury that limits your daily activity and hinders you to perform everyday tasks in and out of the workplace.
  • Frustrations from trying out different diets and workouts that worsen your physical and emotional well-being.
  • Back, Hip, Knee and Shoulder or other muscle-related disorders from sitting at the office all day, which limits your productivity and affects the quality of your work and life.
  • Pain that pain-killers don’t treat
  • You want to dig into the problem and treat the cause, the why. 

If you believe movement is the best medicine and if you are not clear on how to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, then this strength and conditioning program is everything that you’ll ever need, no matter how busy you are.

Join us now and get ready to be the office warrior you were always meant to be!

Join 3 Weeks of Wellness Success

What’s inside this 3-Week Wellness Success Program

1. Science-Based Week by Week Recovery Exercises:

Week 1: Targets lower back and hip pain

Week 2: Targets shoulder and neck pain

Week 3: Targets feet and knee pain

2. Diet plan - Individually Calculated Macronutrient and Calories - COMBINE FOOD AS YOU LIKE

3. Easy recipes with your required macros 

4. Recipe book with 10 extra healthy, delicious recipes 

5. 3 weeks (stage 1) recovery exercise videos that can be completed anywhere.

6. Stage 2 recovery downloadable exercise list

7. 8-week Gym program proper exercise technique video guide

8. 30 days home workout videos to progress your training

9. eBook with explanation of soft tissue release, self assessments, and short exercise list for recovery

10. Lifetime access

11. Newly added  content each month - NO EXTRA CHARGE

Lots more....

Guiding people from “frustrations” to “life-changing transformations”,

Take Control over your Body

Own a Pain-Free Future

My 3-Week Wellness Success Program incorporates proven scientific injury therapy methods used by the most successful Physiotherapists, Doctors, Strength and Conditioning coaches, and athletes that will allow you to build life-changing habits for long-term, successful results.

Together, we will identify the root of the problem, treat the cause of your pain and practice the correct movement patterns so that you can move, train and live pain-free.

Each day during the 3-Week Wellness Success Program, you will learn something new about yourself, your body, and your injury, and you will achieve the following that will actually.


  • Movement assessment will help you identify the cause of your pain.
  • Treat the injury with a scientifically proven recovery program that will not trigger it but help you achieve your personal, professional, and fitness goals.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food and golden nuggets to health, wellness, and fitness so you can keep your body in shape and have the energy to perform at your best.
  • Build long-lasting habits for long-term benefits to enable you to transform into your best self and live the life you desire.
  • Get a ‘Level Up’ and a ‘Gym Based Program’ that you can complete safely with the proper technique when ready.
  • Life-long access to the program
I Want To Transform My Life

| think the point of difference in your training is the experience of training everyone from competitive athletes, through busy professionals to less able, severely injured clients and always getting the balance right. The value is the training that stretches and pushes whilst factoring in injury prevention, mobility and recovery.

--Gareth D.

| could say it's a big different with other professionals as you always conscious to make sure you doing the best for me and my condition. In my case, | recovered from the pain quite quickly under your care. | recommend you to my family and friends

--Anna S.

| would highly recommend Alex. She is so knowledgeable and has excellent personal skills. She always makes my daughter feel at ease and pushes her to work hard whilst maintaining an element of fun! I'm feeling blessed to have found her and look forward to seeing my daughter's progression with Alex's guidance and sessions.

--Daisy and Lucy M.

Who is it for?

  • Committed professionals who live a busy life, travel lots for business on plane and car or sit long hours in the office
  • Those who suffer from back pain Feel lack of time and focus.
  • Time-poor individuals
  • People who are injured or get injured often or experience musculoskeletal aches and pains that are debilitating
  • Those who Want to lose weight but are limited with movement
  • Those who are really stress have eating problems and bad relationships with food
  • Those who tried crash diets and made it worse
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Office workers
  • Those who can't afford physio in a long run
  • Those who train at the gym and want to prevent injuries
  • Those who sit long hours and want to prevent pain
Yes! I Want To Join The 3-Week Wellness Success Program

3 Weeks Wellness Success


Limited Offer £29.99 (£49.99)


Lifetime Access With No Extra Charge For New Monthly Content
  • Guide to a healthy spine, shoulders and knees
  • Educational Content Included
  • Week by week video guide to recover from back, hip, knee, shoulder or neck pain
  • Home workout videos (HIIT, Resistance band that can aid weight loss too), when your body is prepared for the load
  • Movement Assessment 
  • Injury Prevention work to prevent, treat and resolve pain and optimize movement
  • Gym Program with proper technique video guide to keep you safe 
  • Webinars with Q & A once a month
  • Diet plan with personalized macros + 10 recipes
  • Extra recipes for quicker recovery
  • Exercises to Stabilize the spine, hips, shoulders, knees and feet in a good position
  • Level Up, Phase 2 recovery exercises
  • Walk, squat, bend and exercise and lift with better technique
  • e-mail support

VIP (Includes Full Access To 3 Weeks Wellness Success + More)


3 months minimum term


Lifetime Access With Includes Full Access To 3 Weeks Wellness Success + More)
  • Individually tailored workout routine 
  • Individually tailored diet plan (taken into consideration your current eating habits, your food likes and dislikes, allergies and intolerances)
  • 28 individual recipes
  • Individually tailored video guide
  • Online one-to-one consultation weekly 30 min (skype/zoom) - first one is 1 hour
  • VIP email support
  • Program update as needed
  • UNLIMITED LASER SESSIONS (1-2-1 skype or zoom call)

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